Chuck Manetta's True Life Stories



Hi All!

These true life stories were written about 8 - 10 years ago. I had quite a few friends and co-workers that were asking about my experiences. I figured it would be easier to put it on paper and let them read all about them it than me having to tell the stories over and over. I have gone through them again breifly when I edited them for this html page[CM 1996]. I tried to adjust some of the ages and other variables, but there may be some inconsistencies that I may have missed. (Sorry!) I hope that you enjoy the reading.


This is an attempt by myself to put in writing a few of what some people might consider "fantastic" experiences that I have lived. These experiences truly happened to me when I was in my early 20's and had no idea or thought one way or another about the "UFO" phenomenon. I had never really sat down and thought about this interesting area of research at all. I had other interests in life and this subject never came to my attention. If someone had proposed these types of stories to me at that age I would have probably reacted the same way that most other people who have never "seen" a UFO and said "Bullshit!"

These stories may seem not to follow a logical chronological sequence. This is in part true because I had a period of induced amnesia where I had forgotten the first and main event. There appear to be at least one period of missing time and possibly more in the following events.

Let me first tell you about myself. I am a 43 year old Professional Firefighter. I am married for the third time. I have 4 children. I was born and raised in Miami Florida. I am not a writer or typist. I hunt and peck on this word processor. So this is not any kind of professional attempt at fiction. I am sharing these events with other people who have had the same types of experiences and possibly with professional investigators who may be able to help me find out what really happened during these periods of "missing time".

Now, to the meat of the subject. My experiences started returning to my memory in the late 70's. This was after I found a book on the Bermuda Triangle in the fire station. This led to an unwarranted obsession with related mysteries (The Pyramids, UFO's, Atlantis and the like). This period of reading and research gravitated towards the Abduction stories. I was not concerned with this obsession, I only thought that it was a phase that I was going through. But in reality I am Hyperkinetic and don't usually read anything! And in the period of 3 or 4 months, I had read approximately 20 - 30 books! (My memory of the events around this time are pretty sketchy here due to the passing of time and the number of events that were occurring so fast in such a short period of time.) But as I started getting more deeply involved with reading these types of books, I started having night terrors. I had numbers of them! I would dream that I was lying in my bed, but I had my eyes open and I was paralyzed! I felt like I was heavily sedated. (This drugged feeling continued for some time after waking.) While I was laying in my bed paralyzed, I could only see the left side of my vision. When I say the left side, I mean like right down the center of my nose and body. It's not like I was blind in my right eye, but like I was being prevented from seeing what was on the right side of my body! I also has this overwhelming feeling of a presence standing in the darkness of my right side. It was more terrifying than any thing in my entire life! This feeling of sleeping but not sleeping, (Because I knew that I was laying in my bed and all that I had to do was wake up!) Would seem to carry on for incredible durations (a half an hour to an hour). When I finally gathered all of my strength and pulled myself up in bed, I was soaking wet from sweat and scared stiff. And, If I didn't get up and walk the drugged feeling off or completely wake up, I would go right back into the same dream like state! These dreams (if they were dreams) happened 5 or 6 times that I can remember.

It was also around this same time that I started having this feeling that something did happen to me at some time and I could not remember it! I was reading this book (I can't even remember the name) about abductions, and one of the last things that the author said was "Are you sure that you never had one of these experiences and just don't remember it?". After reading this question, I had this weird feeling that there was something there but I just couldn't put my finger on it. This feeling went on for a couple of days, when out of the blue, I was taking a shower and had the water running over my head and I heard this voice in my head. And it said "Where were you for that half hour!!!???" I thought this is strange! But I kept hearing this voice say "Where were you for that half hour!!!???".

Then it came back to me. In late August of 1972 (the first year Disney World opened) my first wife and I were coming back from Disney World on the Florida Turnpike. This was just before we were married. It was late in the evening or early morning. It was a perfectly clear moonlit night. Not a cloud in the sky. We had been driving for a time and were way out in the boonies with no one else on the road but us and this 18 wheel truck. This was before the CB rage and the only way I kept company with one of these trucks was by flashing my lights and passing him, then letting him do the same with me. It was like a vehicle hopscotch that we played to keep each other awake. This truck and I had been doing this for some time and I was in the rear just behind him, when in my rear view mirror (I always watched my mirror for Troopers!) I saw this light come over the rise behind me in the north. I thought that it was a truck. The rise was a half a mile behind me and we were traveling at about 80 Mph southbound.

While I was looking at this light, it zoomed directly behind my car in the blink of an eye! It must have been going a couple thousand miles per hour! It came to a position directly behind my car and a little to the left of the top of my trunk. It was right over the trunk! It was shining right in my car! This light was so bright that it turned the interior of the car and the landscape gray! It was like it washed out all of the color! Yet I only remember it physically being about 18" in diameter. My last memory of the light, was myself saying "What the hell is that!!??" and putting my right arm over the back of the car seat and turning around to get a better look at whatever it was!

The next thing that I remember, is us driving right behind this truck just like nothing had ever happened! I don't think that we talked about this light until this truck decided to get off at a rest stop and refuel. So since we had been keeping each other company during this drive, I figured, the least that we could do is buy him a cup of coffee. We followed him off the Turnpike and introduced ourselves. While we were having this cup of coffee, the subject of this light came up. I asked him "Did you see that big bright light come up behind us?". He said no. I said "Are you sure? How could you not see this big bright light come right up behind us?". He said "I don't know, but WHERE WERE YOU FOR THAT HALF HOUR!!!???". I said "What half an hour?". He said that "One minute you were right behind me and the next, you had vanished into thin air! And I know that you didn't pull off of the road, because we were watching out for each other and if you had, I would have seen you and pulled off with you to see if you needed any help. But you just vanished!"

The only logical explanation that he could come up with was that we had moved up so close to his bumper that we were in the blind spots of the side view mirrors. So he swerved from right to left a couple of times to check his blind spot, but we were not there! Since he couldn't make any logical decisions as to where we went, he decided to just keep on driving. Then a half an hour later, there we were, right behind him, just like we never left in the first place! But he did later relate to an incident which had happened to him one time while he was driving in the Smoky Mountains. He told us that he had been followed and harassed in some manner by an object just like what we were describing. This had happened some time before we had ever met, and I don't remember the exact time frame. For years after remembering this incident I could not figure out how our abduction could take place and he never noticed the light. But after reading the book "Missing Time" by Budd Hopkins, for some reason it became rather obvious to me. It was so obvious that it defies reason as to why I never thought of it before! OBVIOUSLY THEY GOT HIM TOO!!!

After we said good by and drove away, the whole incident seemed to fade away like a dream from our memory (my wife Betti's & mine), to the point that we forgot the incident completely, until I remembered the "Where were you for that half hour!!!???" approximately 6 years later! I asked my wife if she remembered this incident, and now that I had prompted her memory, she did remember it exactly as I described it except, she thought that the light just reversed and went back the way it came from. She remembered it leaving, where I had no recollection after my turning around and putting my arm on the back of the seat.

Now during this period of time when these memories had returned to me, I was still being plagued by these dreams about my laying in bed paralyzed. It was a strange time for me. I was surprised and happy for some strange reason that I had remembered this incident, but I was curious as to what had happened to us during this missing time. And I was extremely troubled by these dreams that were occurring. Then one night I received the key to these dreams! It was in another one of these dreams, but distinctly different! In this dream, I was laying in our bed in an apartment that we were renting in Hialeah Florida. My wife was there with me to my left in the bed. I had the same feelings of total paralysis and blindness on my right side. But this time I could see a reflection from the window which was on my right, onto the left side of the bedroom wall.

At first it just started as a dim flickering on the wall. But it progressed into a rhythmical strobe of light (sort of like when a car drives by your house and created a traveling light on the opposite wall). Then as the light started accelerating in speed and intensity, I started hearing this whirring sound (sort of like a giant hydro-electric generator starting to spin). As I was laying there on the bed paralyzed with the right side of my vision blacked out, I was watching this light on the left wall intensify in frequency and brilliance while it appeared to be spinning around and around in the room while the whirring was increasing and pulsing in frequency and intensity proportional to the light. Around and around, faster and faster, louder and louder! And then I started to feel this slight pressure on my chest. The faster this light went, the louder the whirring got, the more intense the pressure became on my chest. It went faster and faster, louder and louder, faster and faster, and the pressure was becoming more and more intense on my chest! Faster and louder, faster and louder, faster and louder! The pressure on my chest was starting to become unbearable! It is becoming hard to breathe! The pressure is incredible! All of my senses are alive and in tune with these incredible observations! The pressure is building on my chest to the point where the veins in my neck are starting to distend! Faster and faster! Louder and louder! More and more pressure on my chest! I feel like the pressure is going to cause me to have a stroke! I can feel the pressure building up in my neck and head! More and more intense! "I'm going to stroke out! I'm going to stroke out!" I hear myself say! Then just when I get to the point where my body can't possibly stand the pressure, I turn my head and dream that I am being crushed and my guts are coming out of my mouth!!!

Then I wake up.

I know that this sounded a little dramatic, but I wanted you to feel what I felt, see what I saw, hear what I heard. This is exactly the way I remember it! The key to all of my dreams (if that is what they were) was all right there! At the time I didn't associate these dreams with what had happened on that fateful night in 1972. But I started to try to logically determine what event or even what possible physical forces could my subconscious have experienced to have these caused these dream type manifestations? What in this world could cause these feelings? Well, I have always been the open minded type. I do not discount anything just because I can't touch it or see it. But still it took me about a month, and the realization came to me! "G" Forces! Gravitational forces! That is the only thing which could cause that type of pressure on a supine body! Incredible "G" Forces! Then the lights and sound fell right in place! The whole time during my dream I felt like something was spinning outside the window. Something bright! It was as if the room had an outer shell, and it was bright and spinning! The sound was obviously some kind of propulsion system.

The obvious was inescapable. Something had happened during that missing time in 1972. The best conclusion that I could come to with these vague collections of fact, memories and dreams, is that I (at least me, maybe more) had been abducted. I was immobilized in some fashion, maybe "heavily sedated", maybe physically restrained. I was taken inside this craft, laid in a supine position and examined (or what ever else). They either prevented me from seeing what or who was on my right side, or whatever was over there was so terrifying to me that my subconscious blocked it out as a safety mechanism. And at some point this craft lifted off vertically at an incredible speed while I was laying on my back. What else ever happened, God and my subconscious mind only know.

After I came to this conclusion, my dreams (if they were dreams) stopped. In the past 10 or 15 years, I can only remember this type of dream once or maybe twice.These are only wild speculations and the whole UFO experience in my opinion may be too deep to really understand at our present level of knowledge. There could be multi-dimensional (and logic seems to demand it) areas that have not been considered.

Now is where it starts getting interesting! Now that I have figured out that this has happened, I ask why me? I find myself becoming more and more depressed and more and more wanting to know the answer to "What else?". I have never considered myself an ignorant or closed minded person. Just the opposite! So I started to consider all of the available information and opened my mind up completely to all possible areas of thought! Then the idea came to me, that if I was a type of scientific experiment (laboratory rat), then surely the scientists involved would want to have a way to come back and check on the subjects of their experiment at some time! Then I started to ask well then how would they know where to find me when they were ready? Again the only obvious answer (besides some kind of implanted location device) was brain waves. They are electronic in nature, and who knows, maybe with the proper equipment, or even more to the point, with telepathic ability, they could be distinguishable and identifiable at large distances!

With this in mind, I entered into an experiment. Assuming that they were always watching, always monitoring. Not only because of the experiment, but because of the much higher level of intelligence, maybe they have this ability naturally all the time! As wild as it seems, it worked! It took about a month of intense concentration, but it worked!



My second experience happened a month or so after my recollections of the first and primary event occurred. Since the idea came to mind that the way that the extraterrestrials had the ability to keep contact with and monitor their subjects with was telepathically oriented, I spent all of my free time concentrating very intensely on making contact. This communication that I was attempting was in the form of projected thoughts. Examples of these projected thoughts were such as "Who are you? Where do you come from? Why did you pick me? Are you hearing me? Will you make contact with me again? I do believe that you can hear me and that you are listening to me! Please come back! Show me a sign! I need you to show me that these memories and conclusions are not the deliriums of a deranged or insane mind! Show yourself to me! Prove to me that as I believe you are not a threat but a friend and benefactor! Please give me a sign!!!". These are the types of thoughts that I was concentrating so intensely on for a period of a good month or so. Just when I was starting to give up hope it happened!

I was working a second job with some friends of mine. One of my buddy's father had a small local moving business. I was headed over to his (George) house to go to work. It was real early in the morning. Somewhere around 4:00 AM. I remember that it was a cool morning, so it must have been sometime around late fall or winter. I remember that it was mostly a cloudless sky and there were lots of stars showing. Since it was such a beautiful clear morning and I felt like I could reach out and touch the stars, I was again concentrating on projecting my thoughts. Although by this time it had become kind of a second nature to me and it was more like talking mentally to myself. Sort of like when people pray silently in their own minds.

I lived in Northwest Coral Gables at the time, somewhere around Red Road and Southwest 8 St. So I was headed to George's house which was south of where I lived. As I was headed south on Red Road I saw what appeared to be an airplane headed in a westerly direction just south of Bird Road (SW 40 ST). At least I thought that it was an airplane, because all that I saw was a landing light. This object appeared to be at approximately 1000 feet of altitude and in the 10 o'clock high position from me. I figured it to be approximately a mile or so away from me. It was just about this time that I had started to decide that this "airplane" was not really headed in the direction of The Miami International Airport. So why was it's landing light on? The view of this object from my position because I was still traveling southbound on Red Road was just about to become obscured by the only cloud in the entire sky! For some reason at that point I said in my mind "Give me a sign!!"

At that exact moment I saw this incredibly bright beam of light cut a 90 degree swath across the sky and pass directly over my position! "Hallelujah!" It was then that I noticed that this object was not moving. It was stationary and that the cloud and my changing southerly position had made it appear like it was moving when in fact it was not! Well to say the least I was excited! This was like being shown a sign from God! Since it was still in my 10 o'clock position and clearly visible, I continued (At a greater speed!) to my friend George's house. It was only a few blocks from where I was anyway. As I paid more attention to this object, I noticed that it was not as close to me as I thought. It appeared to be somewhere near the shoreline approximately 10 miles away. I also noticed that it the light appeared to be pulsing. It started pulsing slowly and gradually increased in it's intensity! About this time I arrived at George's house. I got out of the car and stood and looked at this beautiful display. In the cool clear sky this light was pulsing like the most beautiful star that you could imagine! Only it was much too large to be a star! And I had seen that beam of light projected out of it like a beacon to me! I ran over to George's window and started banging on the window! I was hollering "George! George! Get your ass out here! Hurry up! Hurry up!!" George was saying "What the hell are you yelling about! Shut up! Your going to wake the neighbors!!" I said "I don't give a damn about your neighbors! Hurry up and get your ass out here and look at this light in the sky!!" George said "All right! All right already! Jesus Christ! What the hell's the matter with you anyway? Are you crazy? It's probably just a star or an airplane!"

Well by the time George dragged his ass out of bed and got out in the yard with me to look at this thing, this light was pulsing in all of its glory! This thing at it's dimmest was maybe one fifth the size of the moon and twice as bright! But when it pulsed, it exploded in brightness and had tendrils that spread out geometrically from it in all directions. But the strongest shafts of erupting light extended horizontally and vertically from the center! We would look at this beautiful bright light in it's reasonably inactive state and then it would explode in a burst of beautiful white light that had bright shafts of light extending out great distances from the source itself. This object still appeared to be approximately 5 miles down range directly east of us at an elevation of 30 - 40 degrees above the horizon. And these pulsing streaks of bursting light still extended almost all the way to the ground!

I asked George if that looked like any star that he had ever seen before? He said that he had never seen anything like it before on his entire life! We stood there looking at this light for about 10 minutes when I decided to call the Air Traffic Control Tower at The Miami International Airport. So I called information and got their phone number.

When I got in touch with someone at the tower, I told them what we were witnessing and asked them if they had this object on their radar scope? This gentleman was some kind of supervisor and was very helpful and not in the least bit humoring to me. The whole time that I was describing what I saw to him the conversation was being recorded. He told me that they were looking in the direction that I gave him with their radar and that they could not find anything in that region. The airport was only about 5 miles due north of our location so they must have had a great visual on this thing! I asked him if they could see anything in the area that I was directing him? He said that he was sorry but they could not see anything either! I told him that there was two of us watching this thing right now and explained in detail how it was pulsating and it did not make sense that they couldn't see it also. He apologized and said that they were all looking out the windows and could not see anything, but he further explained that there had been a very high number of unexplained sightings in the past couple of months and that they wanted me to stay on the line as long as I could still see this object and describe it to him in detail as is appeared to me minute by minute.

It was just about this time that we started hearing the rotary blades of helicopters. I explained to him that there appeared to be helicopters arriving in the vicinity of the object and asked him if he saw any of the helicopters on his radar. He said that they didn't see the helicopters either but he was at this time in contact with the Homestead Air Force Base Tower and that they were trying to coordinate the search. He said that Homestead was telling them that they could see nothing on their radar either. I asked him to check with Homestead and see if they had any helicopters in the area. He said that their reply was that they had none of their aircraft of helicopters in that area! I told the man in the tower to hold on for a second because I was going to climb on top of George's truck for a better view of the horizon. At this point George and I climbed on top of his moving truck and got about 15' in the air and could see over the tops of the houses. George and I both saw 2 or 3 large helicopters off in the distance operating at what appeared to be right under this object at just above ground level. These helicopters were just moving around in a random fashion and appeared detached and not really aware of the object right above them! It was a strange sight. Now that I look back upon this incident, the whole scene appeared to be some kind of magical ballet!

So I climbed back down from the truck and described my sightings to the gentleman on the telephone. Again he was astounded by my descriptions and said that neither Homestead nor they could were able to confirm our story.

I went on for a while describing this event to him and Homestead Air Force Base. After a while I got tired of talking and saw that there was nothing really different that I could report to him, so I bid him a farewell and George and I continued to watch this light for a time.

Then at one period of time the object appeared to be decreasing in intensity. It was then that we came to the conclusion that it wasn't really decreasing in intensity but rather backing directly away from us. This object did not move laterally in any direction, but moved exactly directly away from us to where it appeared to get smaller and smaller! It continued this movement until it just held up in the sky like a bright star.

It was at this point that George and I decided that it was time to get to work. We got in his truck and went about out normal duties an movers. But you know what? This "star" stayed right up on the horizon in the same spot all morning until around high noon! We never did find out any more about this sighting. But the controller did say that there would be an official "UFO" sighting report made.



My third "UFO" experience that I remember happened a month or so after the last one. This time it was one Sunday morning when my friends Mike, Tom and I were on our way out hunting. We were headed for a Florida Management Area called "Brown's Farm". It is 30 or 40 miles west of West Palm Beach. It was again sometime around 3 or 4 in the morning. It was another beautiful cool, clear and cloudless morning with all of the stars shining brightly.

My buddies had heard about the last incident with George, and since George wasn't there to support my claim at this time, they were kidding with me and trying to tell me that I had a "Wild Imagination!". This didn't bother me because Mike was one of my best friends and I knew that he would never do anything to hurt my feelings. It was all a friendly game that we were all playing to pass the time while we made our drive out to hunting area.

The road that we were driving on was a lonely stretch of two lane highway. It was in the northern part of the vast wilderness area called the Florida Everglades. It was just one small line of highway stretching of into infinity with nothing but millions of acres of tall sawgrass as far as you could see to the left and to the right of us. This beautifully serene view was accentuated highly by the dark black sky and star speckled canopy of the heavens above us. We were the only ones on this section of highway at the time so this scene was really very breathtaking in itself.

So here we are driving down this lonely road with all us pestering and provoking and teasing and kidding each other about this last incident and the one before. They were saying the usual stuff like "Horse Shit!" or "What were you smoking that night? Ha?". "There are no such things as UFO's!" "Hog wash!". You can imagine the types of lines that they were laying on me. It was all in fun. When I noticed what I thought was a light on top of some kind of radio tower down the road. It was a white light and appeared to be stationary about 3 or 4 miles down the road ahead of us and off to the right about 30 degrees. It looked like any other light about 1000' up on top of some radio tower. So, since we were all playing on and on about the subject (particularly about the idea that I had hailed the one with George), I thought "What the hell!" and said "Hey guys! See that light over there on top of that tower? What if it was a UFO and I could call it over here? That would teach ya, wouldn't it??". They both laughed and started heckling me even more. "This is great! I really have them stirred up now!", I silently thought to myself. I was enjoying this as much as them! So I said "Ok! You don't believe me? Then watch this! I'm going to turn on my emergency flashers and call that UFO right over to us and then you'll see!!" These guys are laughing and saying "What a bunch of crap!" and "Your full of garbanzo beans!" So I go, "Ok, you'll see!" And I turned my hazard warning lights on.

As soon as I turned the hazard warning lights on this light went from a stationary position around 30 degrees to my right and swooped gently in an arch just like it was on a rope swing and positioned itself over the road directly in front of us. All of our jaws dropped to the floor. We just sat there and stared unbelievingly in silence at this light that we really thought was a radio tower. After a few seconds we came to our senses and started talking again. "What the f__k is that! How the hell did you do that?" Mike asked. "You've got to be shitting me!" Tom exclaimed. "The hell if I know!!??" I said "Maybe it is a UFO!". After those initial responses we all just sat there and watched this light in the sky fly directly up the road head-on to our position. We didn't even think about stopping the car or anything else! We just sat there spellbound staring out the windshield at this on-coming light. The light still appeared to be a couple of miles ahead of us and up at an altitude of around 500'. It wasn't until we had to start craning our necks in between the dash board and the windshield to see it, before I even had the sense to slam on the brakes and stop the car!

I put the car in park and we all jumped out of the car and stood there and watched this light rapidly approach where we were standing. As the light started to get very close we could start to distinguish a shape behind the light. The light appeared to be just one small part of a very large craft of some type. The light was mounted in the front center of the object just like a single gigantic headlight. More precisely, the light appeared to be emanating from deep within the object and was observable through some kind of faring or shroud.

There was a definite shape to the object now! It appeared to have the shape of some kind of gigantic flying wing or manta ray. But it's size was incredible! As it started to pass directly over us the light disappeared because of the shrouding, and the enormity of the craft became all the more apparent! This observation was further enhanced by the fact that the sky was pitch black and millions of stars were in the object's background!

This object was gray in color and had the total mass of 10 or 20 Boeing 747 passenger liners! The really odd thing about this picture was that this gigantic flying object with it's mass was passing directly over our heads somewhere around 500 feet in the air and there was absolutely no engine noise! None!!

All that I could hear was the car idling 10 feet away from me and the wind blowing through the sawgrass! Nobody spoke a word! We all just stood there awestruck by this incredible spectacle! At one point I remembered that I had binoculars in with me and ran to get them out of the trunk of the car.

Now this is where my memory becomes somewhat disjointed. The last solid memory is me turning to get my binoculars with this thing directly overhead! The next thing that I solidly remember is that the object is about two to three miles down range and traveling directly away from us! I remember saying "Shit!" "By the time I got the damned binoculars out of the f__king car, the god damned thing was too f__king far away to see!!!"

So to say the least, I was a little pissed! I must apologize about my language, but at that time I was a little upset about missing my chance to get a good close look at this thing! Now remembering back on this point of the sighting, I do get fragmented memories about that particular time frame. I do remember rummaging in the trunk, trying to find the binoculars rapidly! I don't remember turning off the car to get the keys out of the ignition to open the trunk though!

I vaguely do remember getting a look at the object close up with the binoculars. I remember that there was some kind of light configuration on the outside of the object. Although I can't remember what they looked like. I also do remember there being some kind of windows or portholes somewhere on the surface. But I don't remember where they were or what they looked like. And I have a vague recollection of someone or something looking back at me through one of these windows. But I have no idea what he looked like! Or even if I am sure that I saw him!

I also do remember that at a point of about 1000 yards after it passed over me, the rear of the object looked just like the front of the object, and the bright light again became very visible. The light looked like I was looking at the same light source that I was looking at from the front, but just through another shroud in the rear of the object! Like the light was in the center or heart of the ship!

These memories are in some part visual and in some part very strong impressions or feelings! But they are impressions that I feel in my heart really happened although I can not remember them in detail.

Now after the light re-appeared and the object was traveling away from us all that we could still hear was my car idling and the rustling of the sawgrass. As the object got further away from us, the light started to expand in size or intensity. The body of the object was no longer visible to us. All that we could see was a very big and very bright light traveling directly away from us.

This object was beginning to behave in the same manner as the object that I saw when I was with George! It was not moving laterally from left or right, and it was not moving up or down. It was moving exactly directly away from us! As the object traveled eastward away from us the light began to slowly strobe or pulsate! It was at the point where it appeared to around 10 miles away from us where it really became active!

As with George, this light began to explode in blasts of beautiful bright white light! It had shafts of light extending horizontally and vertically outward from its center! The major pulses of light went up and down and left and right of the object! It put on a spectacular display for us for some period of time.

At some time we decided to get back in our car and continue out to "Browns Farm".

We could still see the light display behind us as we headed to where we were planning to hunt. When we arrived at "Brown's Farm", the light was still out there in the eastern horizon, pulsing in all of its spectacular beauty! We again looked at it for a while and then went into the woods to hunt.

We never did shoot anything that day, and that light stayed up on the horizon most of the day, although as the sun came up the light was less spectacular and appeared like just any other bright star.

It was not for about another two or three years that I heard any other independent confirmation of this incident. I was relating to a friend of mine this incident and she told me that she had other friends who had witnessed the same object on the same day. (Although not as closely!)

I asked her how she knew that it was the same day?

She asked "It was on a Sunday morning, the last day of the hunting season for that year, wasn't it?"

I told her that it sure was. This was a point that I had not told her! She further told me that there were supposedly hundreds of hunters who had seen that object on that day. I only wish that I could remember exactly what really happened in the times between when I turned to go for the binoculars and the time when I thought that I had missed my chance to see the object up close!



After much research, I have come to the conclusion that there is a very high probability that I (and possibly other family members) had been abducted earlier in my life. So with that in mind, I am compiling some of my earlier recollections and dreams. These events are true and as correct as I can possibly remember them. One of my first recollections of anything out of the ordinary happened when I was somewhere between the ages of 6 and 9 years (I believe!)

This is a very short incident as far as time goes and occurred somewhere around the time frame that the television show "The Invaders" starring Roy Thinnis was showing.

One very clear night, my mother, father and I were visiting one of their best friends, the Baileys. Their son Lenny and I were playing outside the front of his house. The moon was full and very bright. Again, as in the other incidents, I do not remember a cloud in the sky. Lenny and I were just goofing around near the front of one of the cars parked in the driveway and commenting on how large and bright the moon was.

Just about that time we saw a bright object lift off from the face of the moon and then curve it's way around to the far side of the moon!

At this time we just thought that this was a really neat thing to see. We had no real comprehension as to the significance of something like this or even the comprehension as to how far away the moon was. Obviously now that I think about it, if this wasn't the fantasy of an imaginative juvenile mind (which I truly don't believe it was), then this object had to be both very large and very fast! I say fast because the entire event only lasted 5-10 seconds.

I do not know what this event signifies if anything. But I have read accounts of abductees that had only remember simple, short and very unimpressive sightings only to find out much later on through time regressive hypnotic sessions that there was much more to the real story.

Now at some time around this same time, I am not sure whether this was before or after the experience with the "Moon and UFO", I started having a very scary nightmare. This nightmare was repeated many, many times throughout my childhood. The dream was always the same. At this age it is hard to remember the dream exactly, but I do remember most of it. I had always wondered why I kept having this same terrifying dream over and over. It was my cross to bear. I do not remember just when this dream stopped occurring but it did go on for many years.

The dream was as follows:

I am dreaming that I am a grown up. I am walking along a very beautiful residential neighborhood. The sun is shining and the weather is perfect. This neighborhood is perfectly arranged with beautifully manicured lawns. All of the houses are brand new and the entire scene has all of the trappings of one of the picture perfect residential housing projects with "The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" in the 1950's.

It was a beautiful day and life was great! As I was walking back to my house, I was preparing to cross the street and had walked past the beautiful green parkway dividing the individual yards and the street and was stepping over the roadside curbside when I saw this little furry ball.

It was approximately 6-8" in diameter. I picked this thing up and was surprised to find out that it was alive! For some reason I thought that this was some kind of furry little puppy that someone had abandoned. So I carried it home with me to my house.

Now that I arrive at my house (which coincidentally looks like my Aunt and Uncle's house) I find my wife (who incidentally looks like my mother). Just like in all of the happy Good Housekeeping Households of the 1950's, I called out to her "Hi Honey I'm Home!"

I set the little fur ball down on the floor and it runs off to play. My wife brings my lunch and I proceed to read the news paper at the kitchen table (like all of the stereo-typical American families in the 1950's) and watch the news on the black and white TV.

As I am watching the news on TV a "SPECIAL REPORT!" comes across the screen.

The special report is about a "GIANT HARRY SPACE APE!". "This ape was seen committing terrible atrocities and was lost again before it could be captured! The GIANT SPACE APE has the ability to metamorphasize itself back and forth from it's full 500lb size to it's newborn small fluffy puppy size!

Great caution should observed regarding this GIANT SPACE APE!

It is very dangerous!!!" After I saw this special report I knew that the "puppy" that I had picked up was in fact The Great Harry Space Ape!

At this time I told my wife to stay where she was and that I was going to get my rifle and go look for it! I went and got my Winchester 30-30 Rifle and proceeded to make a careful search for it. I searched the house and found nothing! I then went and searched the garage and yard. At this point something very traumatic happened to me. I went back to my wife and told her that I had seen the Ape and fired one shot at it!

She asked me "Where was it?" and I replied that I could not remember anything but the fact that it was very large and that I had fired one shot and could not remember where I was when I fired the shot!

I was very upset, so my wife gave me a drink to help me settle down. This did not help me at all, so I decided to go fly my airplane because it always helped me relax (I apparently had a nice airplane and airstrip in my back yard).

So I walked out to my airplane in the backyard. The day was still beautiful! I did the pre-flight check and took off! There I was soaring around in the beautiful, peaceful sky. I was starting to relax and enjoy the day! I was thinking "Boy, it really is a beautiful day to by flying like a bird at around 2000 feet!" It was just about that time when I noticed a slight draft on my face?

I was wondering "Where is that draft coming from?" I started to look around the front of the airplane for the source of the draft. It was then that I saw the cause of the draft!

There was a bullet hole right in the middle of the windshield!!! It was then that I realized that I must have seen the Giant Space Ape around or in my AIRPLANE!

I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and was getting chills running up and down my spine!!

I started a slow turn to my right to look behind me! It was then that I saw it!

The Giant Harry Ape was 3 to 4 feet behind me in the rear seats!

It had a ferocious look on its face and was growling, bearing it's sharp teeth and drooling with saliva, it's mouth watering with the anticipation of tearing me to shreds!!

It started to reach forward to get me!

I reacted my slamming the stick of the airplane forward to the stops and taking the airplane into a steep dive!

I was praying "Please God, don't let it get me! Take me yourself but don't let it get me!!"

I kept the stick forward and the inertia kept the Ape away from me!

I held my breath and prayed that I would hit the ground and die before the Ape could grab me and tear me to shreds with it's monstrous teeth!

God gave me my wish, I plowed into the earth and died!

The Monstrous Space Ape never got me. Some people think that it's impossible to die in your dreams. They think that if you die in your dreams that you will die simultaneously in real life. I am here to tell you that this is not true! I have died many times in my dreams! And I am still here to talk about it!


The Final Farewell

All throughout my family's history there have been incidents of what you could call paranormal events. There were many occurrences of this type in my mothers side of the family. It is possible that the same kind of things were happening on my father's side of the family, but I have no evidence of this because most of that side of the family is either dead or long distances away geographically. The greater number of these incidents appear to come from my grandparents on my mothers side and her children and grandchildren. My grandmother was said to have long dead friends come to her in her dreams and tell her things that were going to happen, and quite remarkably, these things did come to pass.

There were many other incidents that occurred to my aunts and cousins. Some of these were dead loved ones coming to visit the survivors. These loved ones showed themselves either visually, audibly or by making their presence known by letting the survivor feel their presence. Some of these events are very dramatic stories to be told in themselves, but these are their personal experiences and it would not be right for me to exploit these very personal stories.

The following stories that I am about to relate to you are either my true life experiences or related experiences that are of significant value that I must relate them to you in order to make the experience complete.

This first story began one solemn night on September 6, 1968.

I was 15 years old at the time and very innocent to the ways of the world. My beloved father had been ill with cancer for approximately 1 year. It was only a few days before this that I truly had come to the realization that my father was going to die. I was a naive little boy that couldn't possibly believe that my father would ever die.

One day I came into the hospital room where he had been for quite a period of time. There was a privacy curtain pulled between my father and the door but I could see my father in the mirror on the opposing wall.

There was my father, who 1 year before had weighed 210 pounds, now lying on the hospital bed weighing all of 70 pounds. His face was drawn and skeletal, and he looked like death.

It was at that moment in my life that I knew that my father was going to die. I guess that he could tell that I was standing there and he said that I didn't have to come in and see him. He was telling me that if it was hurting me too much to see him that I didn't have to look at him.

But of course I had to go. I was in shock. I don't remember what I said to him if in fact I did say anything at all. It was then on his death bed that he told me that he wanted me to have his radio. It seemed like a ridiculous subject to be talking about. At this time in my life I really didn't care about anything but the fact that my father was going to die. But I told him that I would take his radio. To this day, I do not remember anything else about that day. I don't remember how or when that day ended. I only remember the terrible pain in my heart.

At that time I had already been using his radio in my bedroom. It was a decent radio for 1968. It was a simple clock/radio made by "Zenith". It was AM/FM alarm clock radio and it had a sleep mode where you could turn it on to anywhere between 0 and 60 minutes and it would turn itself of at the designated time so you would not have to wake up just to turn the radio off.

Normally this was the method that I turned the radio on. There were two methods of turning the radio on and off. Both functions were performed with the same knob. Turn it clockwise and it went to the sleep mode where it turned itself off in a given period of time. Turn it counter-clockwise and it turned on until you turned it off again.

This was the way that my father turned the radio on and off. So on this night of September 6, 1968, my mother was sleeping in the room next to mine and my sister was sleeping in her bedroom downstairs. We were all sound asleep when all of a sudden the alarm clock radio went on at full volume!

I jumped straight out of bed and tried to turn the radio off! But for some reason the radio was not going off like it was supposed to! I kept turning the knob counter-clockwise to turn the radio off, but it wouldn't go off! Finally I turned the knob clockwise and the radio went off. The radio had been turned on in the opposite direction than I had ever used it!

This was the way that my father turned the radio on! I had gone to sleep with the radio in the sleep mode, so I know that the volume was down low then. But now at 1:25 in the morning this crazy radio went on all by itself and at full volume! I could have hit one switch accidentally in my sleep but the volume also? I don't think so!

My mother and sister heard the loud racket and came running into my room to see what was going on. I told them what had happened and they were just as shocked and at a loss as I was. There was really no simple logical explanation for what had happened.

As we were standing in my room discussing this weird occurrence, the telephone rang. I answered the telephone. It was a doctor from Jackson Memorial Hospital. He said that he would like to talk to my mother. I handed the telephone to my mother.

The doctor told my mother that at 1:25 AM my father had passed away. He said that he asked the nurse for a drink of water and when she returned, he had passed away (exactly at the same time that the alarm clock radio went off at full volume).

My mother told me that the radio going off was my father saying good-bye to all of us. And we need no more proof. So in a few minutes my mother called her mother and father to tell them that my father had died.

When my grandfather answered the telephone, before my mother could say anything he said,

"I know Mary, Chuck is dead".

She asked him how he knew this and he replied that he had a dream. He said "I was dreaming that Chuck and I were walking through a beautiful field. There was spring in the air and flowers in the field. It was a very peaceful walk. Then we came to a rail fence at the end of the field. Chuck crossed over to the other side of the fence. When I tried to cross over with him, he stopped me. He told me "Bob, you must stay here. It is my time to go now, not yours." I protested and said that I wanted to come also! But he was firm. He told me that "It was not time for me to follow yet. Sometime in the future it would be my time, but not now. I still had plenty of life to live yet. But when the time came it would be beautiful!" My father bid him farewell and disappeared.

It was at this time that my mother had awakened him with the telephone call.

This whole period of my life was very traumatic for me. I had to come to the realization that my father was dead. What was worse was the fact that in my refusal to admit to myself the fact that my father was dying, I had also neglected to use the little time that I had with my father to tell him how much that I loved him.

Now it was too late!

This was a terrible of a burden for any child to bear, much less a child who was raised under his fathers wing like I was. I went through deep depression. It did not get any better as time passed, only worse. There is much of this time period that I do not remember. My mother told me that one day she came home from work only to find me in my small closet with an extension cord and the old 8mm movie projector watching my fathers home movies on the wall.

I do not remember this incident.

After a certain period of time, I can't recall how long, a month, maybe two or three months, I had a dream.

In this dream I remember that I was standing in my front yard. Also in my front yard was my father! He was just standing there looking at me! I walked up to my father and said "Daddy, your dead!!??"

My father said "I know that I am dead, but I came back to help you." I said "What do you mean help me?" He said "I know that this has been very hard on you. I know that you are hurting very bad. I just wanted to let you know that everything is all right and that I am happy now. Heaven is a beautiful place and there is no pain or sickness there." My father then said "Let's go for a journey."

My father then took me by the arm and we flew from my front yard straight up! I was looking down and I could see my house and the entire neighborhood fall away from me just as if I was on some kind of rocket going straight up. But there was no sense of speed. It was a very gentle ascension into the air.

At a certain altitude, somewhere around 1000 or 2000 feet, we started heading south.

It was beautiful! The sky was a beautiful blue! There were beautiful puffy white clouds in the air. The sun was shining and my father and I were flying through the sky heading south!

The astounding thing was that there appeared to be no one else in the world with us! There was the entire Miami and Southern Florida landscape beneath me, but there were no cars or people!

When we got over the Florida Keys I could see the islands, the beautiful blue ocean and the highway stretching off into the distance. Still there were no cars or people, we had the whole world to ourselves!

When we reached a location that we used to go fishing at, we descended gently onto the beach. The beach sand was brilliantly white and the water was a beautiful blue.

There were no cars driving down the famous "East Coast Highway" this day! It was only my father, me and the beautiful earth in all of it's glory! We looked at the beautiful scenery for a few seconds when my father said

"I know that you didn't get to say good-by to me like you wished that you had. And I know that you are hurting very bad. God gave me this time to come down here to you and to comfort you and to tell you that I love you!" He said "I know that you love me and I want you to know that I love you!" I told my father that I loved him and he opened his arms to hold me. I cried on my father's shoulder for a few minutes while he held me and let me know that everything was going to be all right.

After a few beautiful warm and loving moments, my father told me that he had to go. He told me that he only had so much time and that now he had to go on to heaven. At this point he again took me by the arm and we ascended into the sky and headed back to my house.

When we again arrived on my front lawn. My father told me that heaven was a wonderful place and that some day I would also be there with him. And when that day arrived that there was nothing to fear because he would be there waiting to be with me again. But he further told me that he would always be with me. Throughout my entire life he would be my guardian angel and that I had nothing to ever fear.

In those following months after my fathers death there were at least four to five members of my family who had some kind of psychic contact with him as well as I.



Somewhere around the year of 1980 or 1981 when my first wife and I lived in the little suburban neighborhood of Naranja, we started experiencing some strange occurrences at our house. Our house was located within a small cluster of houses that were erected just across the street from Homestead Air Force Base.

Our children at time were around the ages of 7 for the eldest son Chuck, 5 for Michael and 2 years for Christina. For quite some time we were living our lives just as many other middle income young families were, happy and content with the every day existence's of life. Ever since my troubling dreams and the revelations from those dreams in the late 1970's, I had experienced talking in my sleep from time to time.

My wife would awaken in the middle of the night to find me sitting in the bed with my eyes wide open and talking to myself or someone in my dreams. The statements that I made while "sleep talking" usually made no logical sense. At least my wife could not seem to make anything coherent out of what I was talking about.

These episodes in themselves were not particularly disturbing to my wife, after she realized that it was just a form of sleep walking and she was not sleeping with some kind of deranged maniac. My sleep talking was benign and very rare. We stopped trying to figure out what they meant and she usually just rolled over and went back to sleep. I had never actually gotten up and walked in my sleep (yet).

Then one night I had fallen asleep watching television in the bedroom while my wife was out in the living room with the kids. She was bending over the stereo adjusting the volume with her back to the bedroom where I was sleeping, when out of nowhere, I had apparently quietly walked up behind her and grabbed a rather intimate part of her posterior!

She jumped up and screamed in response to my unannounced entrance (Not to mention my method of announcing arrival!). Her scream awakened me immediately!

Needless to say, I was surprised to find myself standing in the living room, doing what I was doing! Well, I thought "That was a truly interesting and unique experience!".

At about this same time, my two boys were beginning to experience strange dreams. I know that there is sometimes a period in a child's life (particularly boys) when he/she has bad dreams.

Now I am not a psychologist, but after being the father to four children, I have learned that there are many phases that children go through in their young lives. These bad dreams that the boys were having started occurring at the same time as my sleepwalking.

They were both dreaming basically about the same thing! A little green monster in their closet! At the time I didn't think much about it. My wife and I just tried to the best of our abilities to calm the boys down and let them know that sometimes people have bad dreams and that they don't necessarily mean anything. But their dreams persisted and they were occurring at about the same time my sleep patterns were becoming more and more unusual.

One morning I was really shocked and distressed to find myself sleeping in my oldest sons bed! My son was asleep on the floor next to me! My youngest son was sleeping peacefully in his own bed next to us. Did I sleepwalk in the middle of the night, then go into the boy's room and displace my oldest son from his bed, pushing him onto the floor?

My son did not remember me coming into his room in the middle of the night at all. This incident really bothered me, I guess because I could not remember anything about it.

When I had come up behind my wife that evening, at least I could remember some of the state of mind just before she woke me up by screaming! That state of mind was just like when you are dreaming. My brief memory of the incident was that I was kind of floating or moving effortlessly down the hall in a dreamy, misty, mellow state of mind, but there was also this primal, sexual drive behind the action.

It was animalistic in nature because there was no asking for sexual satisfaction, no playing of any of the mind games, or going through any of the normal mating rituals that civilized people go through in today's society. There was only animalistic, chemical, physical attraction that was being dealt with in the stereotypical old caveman fashion, you want it, you take it!

This is not to say that I did not love or respect my first wife because I did, but these actions were taken under different state of mind where there was no real contact with reality. In your dreams you sometimes do things that while in your normal state of reality you would never even consciously contemplate.

With the incident where I had woke up in my son's bed, I was very concerned with what type of state of mind that I had been in when I had pushed him out of bed! My most intimate fear was that I might have done something terrible to my son! In reality, I now know that there was never anything to worry about. I do not believe that in a dream state or in any other state of consciousness will you do anything that you think is wrong, immoral or perverse, unless you normally have these dispositions anyway.

For instance, let's say you're dreaming, and in that dream you have to go to the bathroom, in your dream you know that you have to go to the bathroom (and in reality you probably do have to go to the bathroom), you feel the need to relieve yourself, you try to relieve yourself but you can't! It won't come out! I believe the reason that you can't go to the bathroom is because even though you are asleep and dealing with your subconscious, you also are completely aware in another deeper layer of consciousness that it would be wrong for you to go to the bathroom now and that you would in reality wet your bed!

So with this theory in mind a few thoughts come to mind. There is no possible way that I could ever hurt anyone of my children, am I really a caveman at heart, or is everybody for that matter?

Now what does this all have to do with a poltergeist? I really don't know, but all of these incidents were occurring in the same time frame and I do think that there might be some possible connection.

There was one other incident that I should mention that occurred in this small time frame before I tell you about the main topic in this chapter. By itself, it would not seen significant at all, but included with the complete story, it does seem to have some relevance.

One night we were all sitting in the living room watching television, when the puppy that we had called "Pepper" wandered into the boy's bedroom (the same room where a lot of the incidents had been occurring).

The next minute Pepper came running out of the bedroom yelping with her tail between her legs and ran and hid under a chair in the kitchen! Pepper was shaking uncontrollably.

We all thought that this was very odd! So I went into the dark bedroom to see what had frightened her. I turned on the lights. The bedroom appeared normal. There didn't appear to be anything that could have hurt her physically and I didn't see any "little green monsters" in the closet! We never did find the reason that Pepper came yelping out of the room that night, but is my belief that the same disturbance that was disrupting our sleep patterns those days also frightened Pepper.

Now to the meat of the story!

One night when we were lying down in bed, just about ready to drop off to sleep, I heard someone walking on our roof! Our house was a one story house with a wooden arched roof, so the footsteps were clear and distinct!

The perpetrator of the noise was obviously two legged. The who ever was up there walking on our roof was not in any particular hurry. I could hear each distinct footstep as the foot landed on the roof. I thought that it was my teenage neighbor Robbie who was up on the roof. We were pretty good friends and I just thought that maybe he was up there looking for something that had been thrown onto the roof.

So I got up out of bed and went into the back yard to go and see what he was doing. When I made my way to the back yard with a flashlight to see what he was doing I was surprised to find that there was nobody on the roof.

Well from that vantage point I could only see the back half of the roof, so I went into the front yard. Again, there was nobody on the roof! So I went around the house to see if there was any obvious signs of how he might have climbed onto the roof. There was no ladder or improvised step for him to climb. Not that it would have been terribly difficult to get up onto the roof without one.

There was a 4 foot high chain link fence that came right up to the wall of the house that I myself had used on numerous occasions to get up onto the roof with. But, I had never seen Robbie on my roof before and I was not even sure if he was even strong enough to pull himself up onto the roof. It was a pretty big reach and you had to really muscle yourself up and over the side of the roof to get up there!

Well, it was late and I didn't feel like going over and knocking on his mothers front door to see if it was in fact him. So I just went back to bed and forgot all about it. I wasn't sure if my wife had heard any of this going on, so I didn't even say anything to her the next day.

I'm not quite sure how long it was until the next time I heard the footsteps. It was probably only a couple of days. It was again just about the time that I was starting to drop off into a deep sleep when I heard the footsteps! They were clear and distinct!

This time I got up and ran into the backyard with the flashlight! Again, no one was on the roof. I ran into the front yard. No one was there either! This was starting to piss me off!

I thought that the little bastard was playing games with me and running back and forth from the front of the house to the rear of the house to avoid detection! I called out "Robbie! Are you up there?" there was no response. I called out again. Still no response. Well, I thought, he got the best of me this time! I'll catch him next time for sure! So for the second time, I went back in the house without catching him and went to bed. "Next time will be different!"

It was a few day later when I heard the footsteps for the third time. This time I launched myself out of bed, out the back door, hit the fence and was up on the roof within 15 seconds! There I was all by myself on the roof!!! There wasn't a soul (no pun intended) up there! I ran to all corners of the roof and looked over the side. Nothing! I climbed off of the roof and circled the house to look for impressions in the soft earth. There was no sign of where anyone jumping off of the roof would have hit the ground! I know that Robbie would have never jumped off of that roof in the daytime much less at night! Now my mind started to kick into gear!

This is crazy! What the hell is going on here?

So for the third time I went back into the house without any answers. Only this time I had a lot of questions. I went into the living room and tried to think about what had just happened. I couldn't come up with any logical answers. So I went back to bed. I was really puzzled and was starting to get a little frightened. It was difficult to fall asleep. Just as I was about to go under,

I heard a THUMP!

My heart skipped a beat! My blood felt like ice water running through my veins! I was scared stiff!

I heard the second THUMP!

It was just about then that I realized that this thing was focusing on me! It occurred only when I was just on the precipice of falling into a deep sleep!

There was a third THUMP!

And another!

And another!

What it ever was it was making deliberate slow solid loud thumps as it walked across my bedroom roof!

At this point, I was petrified! I could not deal with this thing that appeared to be intentionally provoking a very strong fear response in me. Every time it took a step my blood ran cold!

It continued to walk across the roof directly over our bed until it reached the other wall. Then it stopped! I don't know how long I lay there on my back, petrified, my heart pumping the ice water of fear, this cold fear spreading from my chest into my neck and extremities.

Finally I had the courage to roll over and see if my wife had awakened and heard the same thing. She was laying on her side facing the other direction and appeared to be asleep. I didn't wake her. She would probably think that I was crazy anyway! I don't remember if I got any sleep that night.

A few nights later it happened again!

Just as I was falling asleep,


Ice water!






This thing was really starting to wear me down! I had not slept well since I had discovered that it was not Robbie! I was tired. I needed some sleep! In the next few weeks this had continued for a number of nights! I had asked nonchalantly asked Robbie if he had been up on my roof. The answer was of course no.

Now I realized that it was something that I would have to live with. I never did at this point discuss these incidents with my wife. I'm not sure why? But I never did. About the only time that I could get any descent sleep was when I was at work at the Fire Station!

Thank God that it didn't bother me there! Then it dawned on me. Maybe this thing was not only focusing on me, but, it was focusing on the house as well! It only happened at the house!

I wasn't sure what this meant, but maybe I could use this information against it!

One night It must have been angry. Because this time it didn't wake me up with a thump.

This time it struck the roof with such a reverberating

"WHAM!!" that it shook the house to the foundation!

Since we lived across from the Air Force Base, for a split second I thought that it might have been a sonic boom. But there was only one boom! And almost immediately after the wham the footsteps started again. Only this time the steps were more like stomps!

What ever this thing was it was pissed off! It went through it's tirade on the roof and stopped.

This time when we heard the "WHAM!", my wife and I both sat straight up in bed and looked at each other!

I said "Did you hear that?"

She said "Yes I did!!!"

At this point we told each other that we both had heard all of the noises and footsteps on the roof. We were both afraid to mention it to each other out of fear that it might antagonize the thing and make it worse! So we both laid there in bed scared stiff all this time and pretended to be asleep, hoping that what ever this thing was, it would go away on it's own accord!

No such luck!

Well as it turned out this thing scared the hell out of us for a while longer. I even wrote a letter to a psychic that we saw on the television show "Real People". I asked her if I could send her a piece of the shingle form the roof so she could get some impressions or feelings. She said that I could and to send a small contribution along with the shingle.

I don't know why, maybe it was the remark about the contribution that turned me off, but I never followed through with the psychic. I did however do some investigating into some of the previous residents of the house. I thought that maybe some had died in this house and that their spirit could not rest for some reason. Well, I found out that one man had died, but this was in a car accident and nowhere near the house. I wasn't sure if this really made any difference, but I did not feel like this death had any relevance to the "Roof Walker".

One day when I was at work at the Fire Station I had an idea. For some reason I felt like this entity's domain was limited to the house in Naranja. Otherwise it would be harassing me one way or another where ever I went. And it obviously wasn't! Also I felt like the entity was truly focusing on me! Not my wife or my children, even though they all had been affected by it in one way or another. I made this decision because it always "walked" just when I was on the very edge of sleep! It "walked" at the most distressing and fear provoking time in my day!

It liked to watch my jump! It was feeling my emotions and maybe even reading my mind! It knew what I was thinking! It was as if it fed upon my fear! And the stronger my fear response was the more it liked it! Since I thought that it's domain was at the house, I was gambling that I had the freedom of thought where I was.

Well, if that is what it wanted, I would deny it! I did not feel that it could physically hurt me. It could only scare me. So I devised a plan.

The next day when I went home, I went there with my thoughts were consumed with antagonizing this thing and daring it to try and scare me. I told the walker "Go ahead, give it your best shot! This is my house and you can't hurt me! I know what you are all about and I don't care! Ha! Ha!" My thoughts had to be pure and I could not betray myself by what I was thinking! So I never even told my wife my intentions out of the concern that the walker would learn the plan.

I went the entire day with these thoughts in mind. When the time came for me to go to sleep I was ready for it! Even though I had a plan, when some loud noise occurs just when you are falling to sleep it still scares the hell out of you. And as I expected, the walker returned, and when it made that first loud noise, it still scared the hell out of me!

But this time after the initial fear passed and I became aware of my surroundings, my plan kicked into gear! I started telepathically communicating with this thing (with the assumption that it could read my mind),

I told it "Ha! Is that the best that you can do? What a joke! What a pitiful attempt to scare me! Ha! Ha!" At this point it went into a terrible frenzy. It was making all kinds of noise up there on the roof! But I just laughed at it and didn't care. I felt power in the knowledge that now I was pissing it off! I held the trump card, and it was working!

Then the noise stopped! After that night "The Walker" never returned. I stopped sleep walking and my children stopped having bad dreams about "Little Green Monsters" in their closet.

The nightmare was over!